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Poly CCX 350 Review – Teams Phone with Buttons!

The CCX 350 is the latest entry level Microsoft Teams certified desk phone from Poly. What makes this specific device newsworthy is that it is the first Team certified desk phone on the market that does not have a touch screen and has plenty of big physical buttons in its place. The CCX 350 is a design departure from the rest of the Poly CCX line as the rest of the CCX phones have large touch screens and very few buttons. This makes it a great addition to the current offerings from Poly as well as to the Microsoft Teams desk phone line-up in general.

This device will be welcomed by users who prefer a more traditional desk phone experience, the users who just want to be able to pick up the phone and dial a number by pushing actual buttons and make a phone call. However I would venture to guess that this device will be most often seen hanging from a wall in a warehouse, classroom, or anywhere else a shared device is needed to make calls, or where an emergency phone is required.

While the CCX 350 is an entry level device that appears to be targeted at shared device scenarios, it does still have many of the features that make the more premium Poly phones an excellent choice. Here is a quick breakdown of the key feature on the CCX 350.

  • Traditional dial pad experience with large buttons and a sanitary and rugged design.
  • Poly HD Voice with Acoustic Clarity technologies.
  • Poly Acoustic Fence and NoiseBlockAI technologies.
  • Full-duplex speakerphone operation and echo cancellation.
  • Full Microsoft Teams integration including advance service such as dynamic emergency calling on a dial-pad phone.
  • 2.8” color LCD screen “Non-Touch”.
  • USB C port with headset support.
  • Gigabit ethernet on both LAN and PC port.
  • Wall Mount capable “Optional add-on”.

And here are a few things missing from the CCX 350 that can be found on some of the higher end Microsoft Teams certified desk phones.

  • Bluetooth Headset support “without a dongle”
  • Wi-Fi
  • Touchscreen
  • Full size USB A port for headset connectivity

While the Poly CCX350 does have a solid list of features and capabilities, it may not be the best option for everyone. It has an entry-level price point and offers all the basic telephony capabilities, but it makes tasks that would be simple on a touch screen phone harder to do on the CCX 350 due to the lack of touch screen and in turn a full keyboard, such as searching for a Teams user to call, or to transfer a call to, or even just navigating the settings menu.

3 thoughts on “Poly CCX 350 Review – Teams Phone with Buttons!”

  1. Does the Poly CCX350 have 1G or 2G of memory? I know on the CCX500 phones, the earlier Rev phones that only have 1G of memory do not perform as well as the 2G phones that came out on the Rev K and later phones.

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