Yealink EXP50 Teams Expansion Module / Sidecar For T56A/T58A/MP56/MP58 Yealink Teams Desk Phones

Yealink T58a with EXP50 Expansion Module / Sidecar

The Yealink EXP50 sidecar for Teams desk phones gives a user an efficient way to reach out to frequently used contacts using their phone. A user can select and pin any contact group on the phone to the screen of the sidecar. This allows the user to quickly speed dial a contact with one click, more efficiently transfer calls, and know a contact’s presence at a glance.

Yealink phones support connecting up to 3 sidecars, each sidecar supports up to 3 pages of contacts, and each page holds up to 20 contacts for a total of 180 contacts.

Current Bugs

I will try to keep this list up to date as updated firmware becomes available.

  • When updating Favorites on other Teams clients the sidecar did not live update like all other clients including on the phones main screen. I needed to restart the phone to update the list on the sidecar. However if favorites were added on the phone it auto updated.
  • From certain screens including settings, and randomly while in a call the sidecar screen acts like it signed out, but still shows presence indicators on the buttons.

Teams edition phones have been available for a few weeks now so lets take a look and see what they are all about. At the time of writing Yealink has the only two Teams edition phones that are generally available, however Audio Codes and Crestron have announced devices that should be available in the near future and I hope to review those soon.

Lets start with the 7 inch touch screen featured on both models, at 1024×600 resolution it is crisp, the text is easy to read, and it has plenty of brightness for a well lit office environment, however the glossy screen is a little more reflective than I would prefer it to be.

One of the advantages of the T58a is that the display is tilt adjustable unlike the T56a. The adjustable display is a big help in mitigating reflections by allowing you to tilt it to a position that doesn’t reflect the light. Here you can see how far you can tilt the display on the T58a in comparison to the T56a.

One of the things I really like about these phones is the USB port on the back that supports a USB headset. This isn’t something I have seen on many other desk phones and I think it’s a really nice feature to have. I tested it with a Plantronics Blackwire headset and I even plugged in the BT600 Bluetooth dongle for my Plantronics Focus UC headset and everything worked including all the call controls, answer / hangup, volume, mute, etc. I also tested the Bluetooth support by pairing my Focus uc directly to the phones built in Bluetooth and once again everything worked as expected.

The USB port on the back with a USB dongle plugged in.

There aren’t a lot of differences, so here is a quick list of features the T58a has that the T56a is missing.

  • Adjustable Display
  • 2 USB ports vs 1
  • WiFi
  • USB Camera support*

*to be enabled with future firmware updates.

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