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Yealink EXP50 Expansion Module for Teams Review

Yealink EXP50 Teams Expansion Module / Sidecar For T56A/T58A/MP56/MP58 Yealink Teams Desk Phones

Yealink T58a with EXP50 Expansion Module / Sidecar

The Yealink EXP50 sidecar for Teams desk phones gives a user an efficient way to reach out to frequently used contacts using their phone. A user can select and pin any contact group on the phone to the screen of the sidecar. This allows the user to quickly speed dial a contact with one click, more efficiently transfer calls, and know a contact’s presence at a glance.

Yealink phones support connecting up to 3 sidecars, each sidecar supports up to 3 pages of contacts, and each page holds up to 20 contacts for a total of 180 contacts.

Current Bugs

I will try to keep this list up to date as updated firmware becomes available.

  • When updating Favorites on other Teams clients the sidecar did not live update like all other clients including on the phones main screen. I needed to restart the phone to update the list on the sidecar. However if favorites were added on the phone it auto updated.
  • From certain screens including settings, and randomly while in a call the sidecar screen acts like it signed out, but still shows presence indicators on the buttons.

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